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Meet Stephanie

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Hi there! I’m Stephanie! I’m so glad you’re here.


I’m a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) as well as a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). I’m a travel lover, yogi, aspiring runner, and proud Auntie! I often find myself in complete awe of nature and love a good challenging hike.


While I do like to stay active, I’ve found that movement, exercise, food choices, and overall wellness routines tend to ebb and flow based on different chapters of life. It's totally normal for routines to be dynamic and sometimes extra sleep is absolutely necessary.

Prior to starting YOUniquelyWELL, I spent 10 years working in the tech industry, specifically healthcare technology. I've worked at multiple startups and a Fortune 100 company in various management roles (Project, Product, Coach, and Operations). Throughout my career I've worked in onsite, hybrid, and fully remote settings. During that time I struggled with chronic stress, burnout, anxiety, and periodic drops in self-esteem.

These challenges hit a low point for me during the height of the pandemic.

I experienced my first panic attack, struggled with isolation, and felt like I was drowning both personally and professionally. I knew something needed to change!


I spent several months working to identify what alignment looked like for me and taking the necessary steps to build a more healthy, balanced and fulfilling life. 


I am passionate about using lessons from my personal and professional experience to help others avoid burnout, manage stress, reclaim their confidence, and embrace their unique wellness journey.


Health and wellness is a forever evolving part of life and it is beautifully unique for each individual! 

Stay Well,


Yoga hike in South Africa

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